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Problems in traffic due to flooding

Heavy rain has caused serious traffic problems in Antrim and Down and many roads are closed. Drivers have been warned to be aware because of many delays and congestion and many motorists are advised to choose an optional way for transfer. Rain is expected to continue for the next seven days and more problems are […]

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Eating mango is good for the health

Mango has a high nutritious value and also a high protective effect against several diseases. It makes good to eye disorders, hair loss as well as diabetes and anemia. Moreover, it is beneficial for pregnant women due to the fact that is high in iron and full of vitamins and minerals which are essential for […]

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Does smoking decrease our I.Q.?

According to recent researches, smoking is indissoluble woven into lower I.Q. levels. The experiment which was conducted in 20,000 Israeli military recruits proven that the average I.Q. level for non-smokers was of 101 while the average I.Q. for smokers was of 90. In fact, smoking is linked with a decrease of memory as well as […]

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