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Relationships between teacher and students

Even though it is not socially acceptable, there are many cases when female teachers or professors have picked students up at school. But which are the reasons which drive a teacher to fall in love with their student? One reason is this, after a certain age, 40 or more years old, women feel a gradual […]

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George Michael is free on probation

The famous pop singer George Michael was behind bars for four weeks, having served his sentence for possessing cannabis and driving under the influence of drugs. The pop singer stated that he received the best of behaviours by his inmates and he emphasized that everyone was very kind and nice to him. Now, he is […]

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Nikos Gkanos talks on ChoiceTv about ‘Last Summer’

Nikos Gkanos is the Greek singer who renders the music track ‘Last Summer’ which is the biggest hit in Greece and Europe. The successful hit opens the door to the Greek music industry to dominate to the international music scene. In an interview with Orestis Karipis  talked about the success and his future plans. It […]

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Tories against the graduate tax

Philip Hammond, the Tory Transport Secretary characterized the graduate tax as unjust and he implied that it could be a negotiation over interest payment on student’s loans. However, El Miliband of the Labour party  is inclined to the implementation of graduate tax  and this may widen the gap between Conservative and Liberal Democratic.

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Newport Passport office closure is under discussion

Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan stated that she is opposed to the closure of the Newport Passport Office and she added that such a movement would lead many people to unemployment. She declared that she absolutely understands the need of cutbacks in public spending but the shutting the Newport passport office is not inevitable, she claimed.

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Rio Ferdinand is the new captain of the English national team against Montenegro

Fabio Capello, the current manager of England national football team announced that Rio Ferdinand will be the captain of English national team against Montenegro. He said that Ferdinand is at his best when it comes to his physical condition and after watching his performances in the Manchester United, Capello was convinced that Ferdinand is cut […]

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Life imprisonment is the verdict for the Greek policeman Korkonea.

The Greek policeman Epaminondas Korkoneas was sentenced to life in prison because of the murder of 15-year-old student Alexandros Grigoropoulos in December of 2008. The court, which took place in the city of Amfissa, found him guilty for deliberate murder in the first degree and convicted him for life imprisonment without taking into consideration any […]

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Blackberry is allowed to United Arabic Emirates

Blackberry is allowed to United Arabic Emirates and it considered innocent without any suspicion of its service. The governments of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Indonesia and India regarded Blackberry as a suspicious device because of the way that the messages are handled. For instance, they were afraid that terrorist could take advantage on it to proceed […]

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Wendy Houvenaghel wins the silver medal in Commonwealth Games 2010

The British racist cyclist Wendy Houvenaghel won the second position in the Commonwealth Games, this year, after the Australian Alison Shanks. Houvenaghel declares that in the beginning was quite slow in order to keep energy and enhance her power level in the end of the race, a strategy which finally was proven enough effective.

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Beauty secret: Pink Blush

Pink blush is a cosmetic which every female must have in her bag. It gives a shinny and at the same time innocent look. There are a several shades of pink for every type and colour of skin. It is a fast and easy way to add a little bit of extra glow to your […]

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