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Love from the first sight

Do you believe in love from the first sight? Many of us do not really believe in such a thing because we consider it superficial and not really predictive for the future of our relationships. So, a common answer to the above question would be ‘no’. However, according to psychological researches this phenomenon exists! It […]

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Arudhati Roy is answerable for comments on Kashmir

Arudhati Roy, book novelist and human rights campaigner from India, faces the justice because of remarks on the territory of Kashmir which were regarded as inappropriate and she could even be convicted of sedition due to this fact. Roy expressed her deep sadness of being in a country which deprives of the citizens the free […]

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George Osborne is optimistic about the future of the British economy

George Osborne stated that according to the Office for National Statistics, the recovery is steady and the economy has grown 0.8% since July. Moreover, the chancellor added that the fear of a ‘double-dip’ recession was exaggerating. However, the Labour party which is opposed to the new economic policy supports that the speed of spending cuts […]

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Dolce&Gabbana celebrates Naomi’s 25th career year

Limited Edition T-shirts collection is the gift of Dolce&Gabbana for Naomi’s 25th anniversary of her career. The T-shirts have the most spectacular contemporary photos of the model and are signed up by Dolce&Gabbana. Both the designers claimed that Naomi is not only a very special and famous top model but also an amazing person and […]

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Cloaks in fashion

After many years, cloaks are in fashion again! This winter the cloaks are coming to the forefront of catwalk and in a huge variety of colours and shapes and many fashion houses will present their own version of cloak. Short, colorful, long or with shapes cloaks will have a leading role this winter in our […]

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Scottish rugby player leads protest

Kenny Logan, former rugby player, led anti-pylon protest in Sterling, Scotland. The demonstrations are the last resort for protestors so as to be heard by the government and to change the overhead line. The Scottish government agreed with the proposal for upgrading the existing line in January and this decision brought up much disappointment to […]

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Pensions in crisis

Pensions are in crisis and those who work in private or in public sector undergoes reduce to their income. State pensions are extremely low; in the 2010-11 tax years a full state pension for a single person is almost 98 pounds per week and for a couple is up to 195 pounds per week. Citizens […]

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Google makes cars drive by themselves

Google is enhancing technology which allows cars to drive by themselves. Artificial intelligence software is responsible for this innovation. Basically, there will be a system which will imitate the human’s reflection and movements while driving. After many tries the results are successful and in a while this type of cars will secure a place in […]

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Flashdance at Shaftesbury Theater

The romantic musical film Flashdance which was a milestone in the history of American cinematography and was a huge success in 1980s is coming to London at Shaftesbury Theatre until February 26th, 2011. The story of a woman who pursues her dream of being a dancer is accompanied by the exquisite song ‘What a feeling’ […]

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The musical which all of us loved takes place at Cambridge theatre, London until April 30, 2011. Velma is played by Amra-Faye Wright, Amos by Julian Sims and the role of Billy Flynn, who holds the central scenes, is played by Ian Kelsey. All of them compose an outstanding performance which lives up to audience’s […]

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