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Dene Hills is leaving England and Wales Cricket Board

The Australian coach Dene Hills is leaving British cricket team to take part as an assistant coach in Australian team. The new coach will be Graham Gooch. However, there are worries that Dene Hills will transfer the things that he learnt from Andrew Strauss and his team mates to the Australian team. Such a move […]

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The Liverpool Football Club is sold

Them US Company named ‘New England Sports Venture’ bought the British football team Liverpool. The head of the American John W Henry company which now possesses the English team is very enthusiastic for this purchase which was up to 300 million pounds. Henry stated that there are many things yet to be solved and the […]

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Sleep problems and how to face them

Insomnia is a major sleeping problem and, consequently, it can cause health malfunctions. However, there are ways to sort it out. An aromatic bath, a hot glass of milk, a relaxing massage and a light beverage of herbals as valerian or herbal tea can help us feel drowsy and unwind our bodies and minds. Seven […]

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Kafka’s books must be published, according to an Israeli judge

Czech author’s writing texts it is demanding to be published by Israeli judge as the literary world expects all these letters, manuscripts and journals written by Franz Kafka, to be revealed. Some advocate that the publicity of these texts could harm their dignity and privacy however, Talia Koppelman, an Israeli judge, rejected such an argument […]

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Soups can strengthen our defense system

Soups made from onion, chicken and fish are providing our bodies as well as our immune system with a lot of power against winter cold and flues.  Full of vitamins A, B, C and proteins offer us all these nutritious ingredients so as to protect our organism from all these cold attacks and, also, make […]

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Lockerbie Town Hall under risk

The Lockerbie Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Scotland since 1880, is closed due to safety reasons. Engineers took this decision after checking the place thoroughly and they reach the conclusion that it has to shut. The Jazz Festival which was arranged to take place there will  be hold at another location.

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London’s tube services employers are on strike

Panic and chaos prevailed at London’s underground today, Monday, 4, due to extended strikes by the members of RMT and TSSA union. The strike ended at 18.30, however a lot of inconvenience was occurred, even after the end of it and many commuters found huge difficulties and delays at their transport.

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Woman drawn her baby in acid

Mother in Birmingham killed her three years old daughter by stabbing her almost 7 time consequently and then drawn the body in acid. Police found the body of the dead girl almost in a state of decomposition, however neither police nor in the post-mortem examine the kind of acid was defined. The family environment of […]

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James Ellroy at Bloomsbury Theatre

The American crime writer and essayist James Ellroy is coming to London in October, 6, to present and discuss his new book ‘The Hilliker Curse’ with Time Out’s magazine editor Chris Moss at Bloomsbury Theatre. He will also talk about his previous works  which are most acclaimed such as ‘LA Quartet’, ‘The Black Dahlia’, ‘The […]

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Newcastle United 5 Sunderland 1

After Newcastle United inflicted defeat on Sunderland at the Premier League, Chris Hughton, the manager of Newcastle United feel stronger at his position. Rumors said that recently his position as a manager was in danger and with this victory Newcastle’s board will go through negotiations in order to extend his contract. Newcastle’s United football players […]

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