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Michaela’s photos of her body

The only word that her family could use to describe that fact that Michaela’s photos of her dead body were published, was appalling. The 27 year old teacher from Ireland was killed in her honeymoon in Mauritius in her hotel room. The Mauritius Sunday Times have done the publication of the photos of the room […]

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Body of a prostitute missing for ten years was found

The body of Rachel Wilson was found in a farmland in Teesside. Rachel who was last seen in her home on the 30th of May in 2002, made an appearance in CCTV the next day and after that nobody ever saw her again. The remains of her body that were found on the 27th of […]

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BBC director of music and audio is against digital radio

The British government has to take some decisions by the end of this year concerning the switchover from FM to DAB. However, certain upheaval has been raised over this matter, specially from the director of audio and music of BBC radio, because they are against the way is going to happen. Constructors of radios are […]

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BBC site was hit by new technical problems

According to engineers of BBC the site was hit once again from new technical problems which made them work hard to overcome them. They wrote on twitter that: “The @BBCWorld & @BBCNews sites are currently experiencing technical problems, our engineers are trying to fix them. Thanks for your patience.” Officials said that he problems faced […]

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Blanca Vlasic is not going to compete in the London Olympic Games

Blanca Vlasic is know for her successes in high jump. She is a silver medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing and two times world high jump champion. However, she announced that she is not going to compete in these Olympic Games because in January she underwent a surgery in the Achilles Tendon and […]

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Eight weeks of opera in London

London will be the city of the Olympic Games this summer which will become an even more interesting thing with opera being heard over by the Royal Albert Hall. For eight weeks the creations of Bach, Schoenberg, Elgar and Bernstein will be broadcast from the Royal Albert Hall. The start will be done on the […]

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From Van Gogh to Vassili Kandinsky

Van Gogh is considered to be one of the best representatives of symbolism, all these years and of course Vassili Kandinsky one of the best in modernism. The ending up from one movement to the other of course has a history and an evolution. This is what people are going to see when they visit […]

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Idowy will not participate in the Olympic Games

The 33 year old triple jumping athlete is not going to participate in the Olympic Games this summer due to an injury he suffers from, these days. According to the UK Athletes Spokesman: “Phillips felt a tightness in the muscle and tried to loosen it up but when it never happened and he felt he […]

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John Terry was found not guilty

When John Terry heard the verdict in the Westminster Magistrate Court today, his head was hanged with relief. In the same time people outside the court started screaming out of joy at hearing that he was found not guilty of the charges. Terry faced the maximum penalty of paying 2,500 pounds to Anton Ferdinand for […]

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Justin Bieber wants to live like common people!

The 18 year old pop singer says that he needs to live like other everyday people and of course drive his everyday cars that look like… the BATMOBILE. For Justin it appears to be common sense to drive his Cadillac CTS-V coupe, customized to look like the Batmobile, and actually having a big Batman logo […]

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