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What kind of books people read on their vacation?

Woody Allen said once that if he had to use the elevator for more than a certain number of floors he had to have a book with him in order to make time go faster. Now that it is summer people prefer taking their books together with them out and read them in parks, in […]

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Twenty police officers injured in Belfast

Last night was a difficult one for the Belfast police, due to the parade of the Orangemen and the gunshots that occurred. According to the Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr, people had to mark a halt on the troubles that took place last night. He stated that: “I am angry that we have these three […]

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People in the UK are not sure about the benefit from the Olympic Games

According to the statistics, people in the UK are not sure about the benefits they are going to have from the Olympic Games. The report says that 74% of those asked answered that most parts of United Kingdom will not benefit from the Olympic Games apart from England which is the actual host of the […]

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The names of the climbers have been given away by the Foreign Office

The British climbers that were killed in the huge avalanche in Mont Blanc have been named after by the Foreign Office. John Taylor and Steve Barber were among those killed in the mountain, according to the Foreign Office. Another Briton is Roger Payne, who was the climber that made the way for the climbers to […]

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A Caravaggio book withdrawn from the Amazon

The writers of the book, Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz and Adrianna Conconi Fedrigolli, decided to collect a hundred unknown drawings of Caravaggio and publish them. However, many historians do not accept that these sketches and paintings belong to the baroque painter. The sketches in question were found in the studio of the Milanese artist Simone Peterzano, […]

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Ashley Cole in favor of John Terry

After John Terry was accused of the racist attack against Anton Ferdinand, Ashley Cole defended him in the Westminster Magistrate. He denies Terry having said the words he is being accused of, and he also says that, he only kept repeating the words he said only as a joke and nothing more. Cole said: ‘If […]

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Edvard Munch’s exhibition at the Tate museum

A month after The Scream is sold, Edvard Munch’s works are being exposed to the Tate Museum. The famous painter who lost his mother of tuberculosis in 1868, was left only with his father who was a priest. After losing his wife he kept praying until the end of his life. Little Edvard who was […]

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Holmes talks to Kidman before filling for divorce

According to sources, Kate Holmes talked to Nicole Kidman before filling for divorce from Tom Cruise. The two women are friends since Kidman divorced Cruise, and they talk to each other ever since. Us Weekly says that, Nicole Kidman was very supportive to Kate Holmes because she had already been through with this. Holmes’s primary […]

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Jane Pitt against Obama due to same sex marriages

Jane Pitt, the mother of the famous actor Brad Pitt, wrote a letter to the local newspaper of Missouri, condemning president Obama and praising republican candidate Mitt Romney, who despite his being a Mormon, has expressed a “Christian conviction concerning homosexuality”. Jane Pitt says that despite her differences with the Mormon religion, she describes Romney […]

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Kate’s and William’s photos of their honeymoon have caused inconvenience to the palace

When they started their honeymoon in the Seychelles last year, Kate and William did not expect to have their photos taken while they spent their first days as a husband and wife. However, a year later an Australian magazine had their photos from their vacation in the island of Seychelles. When they got married and […]

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