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Instagram takes on Twitter with new private messages feature

Instagram is to step up competition against Twitter by introducing private messages that allow users to send to groups of up to 15 people. Kevin Systrom, the chief executive of Instagram, described the new Instagram Direct feature as “a simple way to send photos and videos to your friends”. Instagram users can access this newest […]

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Twitter reinstates its blocking option after user backlash

Twitter has reversed their changes to the block function of their platform after a backlash against the move which allowed users to still interact with the accounts of people who had blocked them. The social media site was earlier on Friday was accused of reducing the power of blocking people to simply “muting” them with […]

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Linux laptops: should you avoid buying Windows?

t’s generally more expensive to make Linux laptops than to make Windows laptops, and if you’re not fussy about brand or the precise specification, you can always find cheap Windows machines at good discounts on Amazon and sites like Laptopsdirect and SaveOnLaptops. Laptop manufacturing is a high-volume business driven by economies of scale, and apart […]

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20 best iPhone and iPad apps this week

It’s time for our weekly roundup of brand new and notable apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. It covers apps and games, with the prices referring to the initial download: so (free) may mean (freemium) in some cases. There’s a separate roundup for Android apps, which was published earlier in the day. There’s […]

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What is Boston Dynamics and why does Google want robots?

Google’s recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics marks its eighth robotics purchase in the past six months, showing Google’s “moonshot” robotics vision is more than just a pet project. Boston Dynamics is the most high-profile acquisition, however, instantly adding world-leading robotics capability, including robots that can walk all on their own, to Google’s arsenal – as […]

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Education review 2013: Michael Gove continued to promote ‘traditional’ schools

2013 was the year when the education minister was compelled to resign. Unfortunately – from the viewpoint of many teachers in England – it was the Welsh education minister, Leighton Andrews, who left office after he carried a banner in support of a primary school in his constituency that faced closure because of his own […]

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George Osborne winning political battle over austerity – but not economic one

George Osborne is winning the political battle over austerity. That’s the conclusion from the latest YouGov poll showing that for the first time since late 2010 more people say spending cuts are good rather than bad for the economy. Let’s be clear. The poll does not mean it made economic sense for the chancellor to […]

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Lord Hanningfield: I can name 50 peers who ‘clock in’ to claim expenses

Up to 50 peers are regularly “clocking in” to the House of Lords in order to claim a £300 daily attendance allowance, a former Conservative peer has claimed. Lord Hanningfield – who served nine weeks of a nine-month sentence in 2011 for falsely claiming £28,000 in parliamentary expenses – suggested it was normal practice. He […]

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London accounts for more than 25% of all mortgage loans

More than a quarter of Britain’s £891bn mortgage debt is secured on properties in London, according to figures which break down lending to postcode level for the first time. The figures, which go down as far as postcode sector level, which is designated by the first digit of the second half of the code, show […]

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Theresa May says she wants to clamp down on EU citizens coming to UK

The home secretary, Theresa May, has said she wants a clampdown on the way EU citizens are permitted to come to the UK, but avoided confirming leaks coming from her department suggesting she wants a cap of 75,000 EU workers. At present the government cannot impose a limit on the number of EU citizens coming […]

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