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Richard Zanuck dies at 77


The son of Darryl Zanuck, the co founder of 20th Century Fox died yesterday of heart attack at 77. Richard Zanuck was the Oscar-winning producer whose creations marked the history of the cinema. He was the creator of Jaws, The Sound of Music, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Driving Miss Daisy, Planet […]

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Sage Stallone was found dead at 36

A young Sage Stallone with his father in Rocky V (1990).

The 36 year old son of Sylverster Stallone, Sage, was found dead in Saturday in his house. Early on Saturday afternoon someone called 911 and said that Sage was not breathing. Ambulances and Police arrived there as soon as possible and saw Sage lying down. Men there tried to revive him but nothing happened. Later […]

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The body of Sage Stallone could be lying there for days


According to the coroner that examined Sage’s body, the young man could have been lying there for days. It is said that the housekeeper, went there times a week and just a few weeks ago Sage told her not to go into his room never again. She said that his place was full of dirt […]

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Tom Cruise in Scientology and Mitt Romney in Mormonism


Nowadays, great conflict has been raised for Scientology and all the controversial religions that have been created these years. After the announcement of the divorce between Cruise and Holmes people keep talking about the various scandals that have been heard about the religion that Cruise has entered. In fact religions like that, are believed to […]

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Cruise’s attorney is going to sue National Enquirer for lies on the case


Great interest has caused the split of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to everyone, and many are the reporters who have written various staff on the subject. The attorney of Tom Cruise sent a three pages letter to the magazine, which was published and said that: “As you were notified in advance, your current issue […]

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Denise Richards talks about the way she keeps looking great in 41


Denise Richards has never kept a secret her attempt to keep looking great and how hard she works on keeping fit. Denise wears her special pants when she works out and drinks a lot of water in order to help her metabolism burn out more and more. The special pants are supposed to burn more […]

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Rihanna smoking a weird roll up cigarette in Barbados after her loss


Rihanna has come out of the closet and talked about the fact that she likes smoking marijuana now and then. After her family’s loss, her beloved grandma Dolly died this week after some time battling with cancer, Rihanna felt the need to smoke a rolled up cigarette. In the photos she appears sitting on the […]

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Holmes talks to Kidman before filling for divorce


According to sources, Kate Holmes talked to Nicole Kidman before filling for divorce from Tom Cruise. The two women are friends since Kidman divorced Cruise, and they talk to each other ever since. Us Weekly says that, Nicole Kidman was very supportive to Kate Holmes because she had already been through with this. Holmes’s primary […]

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Jane Pitt against Obama due to same sex marriages


Jane Pitt, the mother of the famous actor Brad Pitt, wrote a letter to the local newspaper of Missouri, condemning president Obama and praising republican candidate Mitt Romney, who despite his being a Mormon, has expressed a “Christian conviction concerning homosexuality”. Jane Pitt says that despite her differences with the Mormon religion, she describes Romney […]

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Kate’s and William’s photos of their honeymoon have caused inconvenience to the palace


When they started their honeymoon in the Seychelles last year, Kate and William did not expect to have their photos taken while they spent their first days as a husband and wife. However, a year later an Australian magazine had their photos from their vacation in the island of Seychelles. When they got married and […]

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