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Top singer Adele says talks about her pregnancy

Every parent to be most of the times is delighted about the fact that he or she is going to have a baby. But not Adele. The 24 year old singer who has received lots of prizes comes out of the closet just two months before her baby is born. She wrote on her personal […]

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Jamie Oliver’s wife is stalking him

An interview on a newspaper by Jools Oliver, the wife of the famous chef, explains what she does and their marriage is still at its best. She does not have a problem saying that she trusts her husband ikn the most implicit way but in the same time she checks his mails, his cell phone, […]

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Kourtney Kardashian becomes mom for the second time

Kourtney Kardashian has given birth to her beautiful daughter Penelope Scotland early today in Los Angeles. Kourtney has another two year old son, Mason, with her boyfriend Scot Disick. Kourtney said today in E! News that: ‘Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever […]

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De Niro’s new movie

The role of a psychic will play Robert De Niro in his new movie which will be released soon at cinemas. The name of the movie is Red Lights and it is directed by Rodrigo Cortes who is the director of ‘Buried’. De Niro’s co-star is Sigourney Weaver, who plays the role of psychologist whose […]

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Taylor Swift wants to be a mother

The pop singer Taylor Swift stated that she would love to be a mother one day soon only if her career has ended so as to be able to keep a balance between career and family and to raise her children as good and proper as she was raised by her mother. The 2o-year-old singer […]

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Christina Aguilera separated with her five years husband Jordan Bratman

Christina Aguilera and her husband for five years Jordan Bratman are in a distance. The couple face various problems and even if the try reconciliation in August during their trip to Italy, finally they could not make it. Even though they have not been officially divorced, they live in different housed. However, person who is […]

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Nikos Gkanos talks on ChoiceTv about ‘Last Summer’

Nikos Gkanos is the Greek singer who renders the music track ‘Last Summer’ which is the biggest hit in Greece and Europe. The successful hit opens the door to the Greek music industry to dominate to the international music scene. In an interview with Orestis Karipis  talked about the success and his future plans. It […]

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Sugababe Amelle Berrabah is convicted of drink-driving

The 26-year-old member of the pop group Sugababe arrested on September, 23 for driving with excess alcohol. According to the trial’s decision, the pop singer is not allowed to drive for 14 months and also she has to pay a fine of 2000 pounds. Her lawyer declared that it is extremely difficult for her to […]

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Amy Winehouse abstains from drugs

The British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse stated that she has been out of drugs for three years. Whereas the singer declares that she is determinant of not going through toxic essences again, she continues passing out at public places. Amy Winehouse, also, says  that it wasn’t that difficult to stop narcotics, actually it was […]

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Noel’s Gallagher third baby

Noel Gallagher became father for third time. His wife Sarah MacDonald gave birth to boy whose name is Sonny Patrick. Noel and Sarah have another son together named Donovan and he is three years old, also Noel has a ten year old daughter with his former wife Meg Mathews. The plans for a solo album […]

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