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Cannes heat: a lesson in men’s summer styling

Men on the red carpet are all now living in a post-Pharrell-wore-shorts-to-the-Oscars universe, a situation that, on the one hand, proves just how far things have shifted in the loosening up of event dress codes for men, but on the other, leaves everything teetering on the brink of gimmick. This year’s Cannes film festival certainly […]

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From swimming pool blue nails and espadrilles to high heels for babies and suede baldness: what’s hot and what’s not on Planet Fashion this week

Going up Discussing your ‘Spirit Emoji’ Yeah, it’s a thing. Correct answer: the kissy-smiley face. Swimming pool blue nails New summer favourite. Chanel’s Le Vernis in Méditerranée is the best. Espadrille one-upmanship Coming to a beach bar near you this summer. Can you identify a Zabattigli or a Vidorreta at 20 paces? Plastic cups For drinking prosecco in the park when the sun is out, […]

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Prescribing the correct footwear is idiotic. You can’t stop a cheap thrill Suzanne Moore Suzanne Moore

One of my favourite pairs of shoes is unwearable. They would shatter if I tried to walk a single step in them. In real life I have feet of clay but these shoes, these red shoes, these “put on your red shoes and dance the blues” shoes are ceramic, cast by a clever friend from […]

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How cosmetics took a starring role in Hollywood

Product placement might be a mainstay in Hollywood, but what about the use of cosmetics – in particular Guerlain and Maybelline – as narrative devices or props? Product placement has a long history in Hollywood. 30 Rock had a running gag involving multiple mentions of General Electric. On American Idol, the judges sip from red […]

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Rebellious flats, grown-up party frocks and Lupita Nyong’o’s mojo: six things we learned from the Cannes 2015 red carpet

The film festival’s red carpet taught us all about Charlize Theron-approved gladiator chic, Julianne Moore’s new Hollywood glamour, grown-up party frocks courtesy of Emma Stone, and Poppy Delevingne’s Glastonbury-worthy gothic romance 1. When getting dressed, think: what would Imperator Furiosa do? Goddess dressing is out; gladiator chic is in. With the launch of Mad Max: […]

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Valentino has been bought out by Mayhoola

According to latest news Valentino has been bought out by the multinational company Mayhoola, behind which the Qatari Royal Family is hidden. Since the worldwide famous designer has many clients of the Royal Families of these countries, the company decided to say yes to the proposal of the Qatari Royal Family The same path have […]

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The bra that costs 1 million dollars

The bra that was constructed in Michigan, and it consists of diamonds and gold. It could be easily compared to the one that Miranda Kerr wore last year for Victoria’s Secret, but the one that was constructed now is made of natural diamonds and gold. It consists of 500 carats and 18 carat gold and […]

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Louis Vuitton having an exhibition or Olympic and Paraolympic Games

The famous French brand Louis Vuitton has arranged an exhibition in its store in London in Bond Street, concerning the Olympic and Paraolympic Games of 2012. The exhibition is set to start on the 9th of July and will be on until the 11th of September at 160 Bond Street. According to the company since […]

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Channel cannot rest on its laurels

A magnificent event appeared to be for one more time the show of Channel in Paris. The undisputed king of the company Karl Lagerfeld managed to surprise everyone with his creations for one more time. The classy look of Channel was there along with the little garden party that was thrown, just a little before […]

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Versace show in Paris

It is only a week since the Versace show in Paris and everyone still talks about it. The Versace aesthetic was there and surprised everyone for one more time. The gowns made by the top quality fabrics made the models to look like they were from out of this world. The Versace company is aware […]

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