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Love from the first sight

Do you believe in love from the first sight? Many of us do not really believe in such a thing because we consider it superficial and not really predictive for the future of our relationships. So, a common answer to the above question would be ‘no’. However, according to psychological researches this phenomenon exists! It […]

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Breaking-up: not need for commotion

Most of times and for most of us breaking-up is a difficult procedure which implies a lot of shouts, tear and a bitter taste in the end of the relationship. However, we would feel much better if we were avoiding all these! First of all, there is an absolutely need for being clear when you […]

February 6th, 2011 | Posted in Relationships | Read More »

Is the father a role model for his daughter’s choice?

As they are the first men in their daughter’s life, it is inevitable for fathers not to be a role model. Girls shape their ideas on relationships between male and female according to their father’s behaviour. However, even certain patterns have a tendency to change throughout the years and as children grow up. Subconsciously the […]

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The feeling of rejection

The feeling of rejection by someone who loves is described by an intense pain. It is a feeling similar to the one we feel when someone very close to us is dying. According to psychologists is extremely difficult for people to understand and accept the rejection thus, most of times, we create feelings like anger, […]

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Relationships between teacher and students

Even though it is not socially acceptable, there are many cases when female teachers or professors have picked students up at school. But which are the reasons which drive a teacher to fall in love with their student? One reason is this, after a certain age, 40 or more years old, women feel a gradual […]

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Factors which lead to infidelity

One of the most important factors which lead to infidelity is disappointment and the loneliness which one of the two persons involved may feel. Furthermore, the two judgmental partner who most of times underestimate the other person run a huge risk of being cheated. Understanding, sensitivity and dialogue are three ways which will help out […]

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Long distance relationships

Difficult as they may seem, it is not impossible to succeed if both of the persons really want to. Long distance relationships are a challenge and look like something which has a deadline from the very first day. However, they run the risk to succeed as any other relationship. Trust, honest and frequent contact are […]

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