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The global goal of Gordon Brown

According to an announcement made by Gordon Brown himself in New York, he is going to become a global education envoy for the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. The new goal of Mr Brown is to see 61 million kids enrolled into education worldwide. Earlier this year he launched a campaign that raised money for […]

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People in the UK are not sure about the benefit from the Olympic Games

According to the statistics, people in the UK are not sure about the benefits they are going to have from the Olympic Games. The report says that 74% of those asked answered that most parts of United Kingdom will not benefit from the Olympic Games apart from England which is the actual host of the […]

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Scottish economy below expectations

According to one of the latest reports by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, there has been a weakening in business activity in the second quarter of 2012. This situation has to do with the wider economical crisis of the Eurozone and of course the cut backs of the UK government due to austerity measures, as […]

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Ian Brady filed for transfer after a seizure he suffered

Ian Brady has filed for a transfer in a jail in Scotland after having suffered a seizure last Wednesday leading to his transfer to hospital, according to his lawyer. Brady is being accused of having killed many kids in the 60s along with his lover Myra Hindley. They used to lure kids with various ways […]

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Scottish rugby player leads protest

Kenny Logan, former rugby player, led anti-pylon protest in Sterling, Scotland. The demonstrations are the last resort for protestors so as to be heard by the government and to change the overhead line. The Scottish government agreed with the proposal for upgrading the existing line in January and this decision brought up much disappointment to […]

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Lockerbie Town Hall under risk

The Lockerbie Town Hall, one of the oldest buildings in Scotland since 1880, is closed due to safety reasons. Engineers took this decision after checking the place thoroughly and they reach the conclusion that it has to shut. The Jazz Festival which was arranged to take place there will  be hold at another location.

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Two cats victims of human cruelty

Two pet cats were poisoned to death in West Lothian. The instances of pet cruelty are on increase and the authorities warn those who commit such a crime with custodial sentence and fines up to 5,000 pounds. However, it is a hard task for the police to enquire such cases without witnesses. The family is […]

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Scottish graduates face unemployment

Scottish graduates stay, on average, six months without a job after university’s graduation. The main problem is that they are overqualified and in the end they turn to temporary work positions. In fact those, whose studies are in the field of medicine found a job easier than those whose studies are relevant to computers and […]

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Tragic death for father and son

Colin Rafferty, 51, and his son Keir, 15, lost their life at night of September,  when their bike hit trees.  The cause of the accident remains unknown. Brenda Rafferty was deeply emotional while she was talking about her lost husband and son. Local residents, friends and acquitants of the family sent their condolescents to relatives.

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