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Downing Street rejects Iain Duncan Smith plan for new limit on child benefit

Downing Street has rejected a renewed move by Iain Duncan Smith to cut child benefit from parents with more than two children as a way of helping to achieve the £12bn in welfare cuts proposed by George Osborne. No 10 made a point on Monday of distributing remarks made by David Cameron on the eve […]

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Pets as Therapy: How Millie the Jack Russell is helping children learn to read

Every Friday lunchtime, Denise Kantor and Millie, her Jack Russell, leave their home in Willesden Green in north-west London and make the short journey by foot to Anson Primary School. A single-storey building hidden from the street by a bank of trees, Anson has been described by Ofsted as “a village school in the United […]

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Cancer drug combination ‘shrinks 60% of melanomas’

A pair of cancer drugs can shrink tumours in nearly 60% of people with advanced melanoma, a new trial has suggested. An international trial on 945 patients found treatment with ipilimumab and nivolumab stopped the cancer advancing for nearly a year in 58% of cases. UK doctors presented the data at the American Society of […]

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Shell sought to influence direction of Science Museum climate programme

Shell tried to influence the presentation of a climate change programme it was sponsoring at the Science Museum in London, internal documents seen by the Guardian show. The Anglo-Dutch oil group raised concerns with the museum that one part of the project “creates an opportunity for NGOs to talk about some of the issues that […]

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Sadiq Khan says ‘aspiration’ will be Labour leadership race’s most overused word

Too many in Labour are looking back on Tony Blair’s time in office with “rose-tinted glasses” and claiming pejoratively that the party no longer understands aspiration, Sadiq Khan, one of the party’s London mayoral hopefuls, has said. The former shadow justice secretary said the word “aspiration” was being overused in the party’s leadership contest and […]

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Stephen Hawking fears talented academics with serious medical conditions may not receive the support he enjoyed due to lack of funding

Stephen Hawking fears that talented academics with serious medical conditions like his own would no longer receive the support they need to flourish due to a lack of funding. The renowned physicist and author said: “I wonder whether a young ambitious academic, with my kind of severe condition now, would find the same generosity and […]

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Nigel Slater’s summer salad with meat recipes

We left strips of pork belly, cut into squares, in a paste of finely chopped chilli, ginger, lemon and fish sauce, turning them every 20 minutes or so. Then we roasted it, so the marinade caramelised into a dark and intense coating, then tossed it, still hot enough to burn our mouths, with chunks of […]

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Financial crisis fixes leave policymakers short of ammo for next recession

  For 75 months it has been the same story. The nine members of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee gather, consider all the latest evidence and decide that official interest rates should remain at 0.5%. Interest rates are at rock-bottom levels pretty much everywhere in the developed world and the moment for raising […]

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Yvette Cooper attacks Labour rivals for ‘swallowing Tory manifesto’

Labour leadership hopeful Yvette Cooper has attacked some of her colleagues for “swallowing the Tory manifesto” in what will be seen as an attack particularly on Liz Kendall, her rival for the top job in the party. Speaking on the BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show, Cooper attempted to draw a distinction between her approach and those […]

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Oxford Union criticised over ‘tasteless’ Colonial Comeback cocktail served during debate on British Empire

The Oxford Union has come under fire after a cocktail called “The Colonial Comeback” was listed on its menu as part of refreshments for a debate about the British Empire. The cocktail was advertised as a “Reparations Debate Cocktail” and featured an image of black hands in chains. The Oxford University debating society was holding […]

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