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Silk Road: Ross Ulbricht files appeal against convictions and sentencing

Ross Ulbricht, the man convicted of running the online drug emporium Silk Road, has appealed against his conviction and sentence, according to court documents filed on Thursday. In February, a jury in a federal court in Manhattan found Ulbricht, who went by the alias “Dread Pirate Roberts”, guilty on seven counts related to the drug […]

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Facebook video could ‘eclipse’ YouTube if it tackles piracy says Fullscreen boss

Facebook’s native video features have the potential to “eclipse” YouTube according to the boss of multi-channel network Fullscreen – but only if the social network tackles the issue of videos being uploaded without the permission of their creators. Fullscreen is one of the MCNs that has built a big audience on YouTube, with its network […]

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Your Instagram feed is about to be invaded by more ads

Instagram is opening up its advertising to all businesses regardless of size to expand its money-making efforts, meaning more ads in user feeds. The company also said that it was going to expand its advertising targeting features based on user interests, age, gender and demographic, using the photos they take as well as integration with […]

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Apple boss delivers strongest attack yet on Facebook and Google over privacy

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has delivered his sharpest attack yet on rivals Google and Facebook, with a speech criticising their advertising-supported business models for their disregard for users’ privacy. Cook also used his speech to the EPIC Champions of Freedom event in Washington to fire a broadside at governments pushing for backdoors to encryption […]

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Facebook introduces PGP encryption for sensitive emails

Facebook is offering users the ability to encrypt password reset emails for the first time, using the popular PGP email encryption standard. Users who want to take advantage of the new security standards can tell Facebook their public key, and the site will then ensure that any sensitive emails that it sends out, such as […]

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Facebook users plan protest against site’s ‘real name’ policy at headquarters

Drag queens plan to lead a demonstration outside Facebook’s Silicon Valley headquarters on Monday in response to the company’s “real name” policy. Facebook has repeatedly stated its opposition to anonymous users and has suspended accounts when people do not use their officially recognised names. The policy has incited drag queens, transgender people, Native Americans, domestic […]

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Tim Berners-Lee urges Britain to fight ‘snooper’s charter’

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, has urged Britons to fight the government’s plans to extend the country’s surveillance powers, and act as a worldwide leader for promoting good governance on the web. Berners-Lee said Britain had “lost the moral leadership” on privacy and surveillance, following the revelations of the former National […]

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Forget the internet of things – we need an internet of people

The internet of things is a vision of ubiquitous connectivity, driven by one basic idea: screens are not the only gateway to the ultimate network of networks. With sensors, code and infrastructure, any object – from a car, to a cat, to a barcode – can become networked. But the question we need to ask […]

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Lizard Squad member pleads guilty over 23 counts related to ‘swatting’

A Canadian teen has plead guilty to more than 23 counts related to a series of “swatting” incidents across Canada and the US. Swatting, one of the teen’s tactics, involves calling in hoaxes to police in an attempt to encourage the dispatch of a heavily-armed Swat team. The 17-year-old admitted to offences including extortion, public […]

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Internet Explorer is dead, but will continue as a work-focused zombie

Microsoft is retiring the Internet Explorer brand, ready to release a stripped down, streamlined internet browser with Windows 10. But the old browser, with its familiar “e” logo, won’t be disappearing just yet. Microsoft said this week that it was looking to re-brand its new browser, currently known as Project Spartan, when it is released […]

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