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IRA testimony to be given to the US

The police service of Northern Ireland has the secret testimony of one of the bombers of the IRA, who took part in the murder of Jean McConville in 1972. The woman, who is a suspect of being part of the murder, gave the testimony, which now has been handed to the police. However, in the […]

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Dead body found by police in Carrickrobin, N.Ireland

Remains of the dead body were found by the police and it is suspected after the results of the identification that it was the body of Gerry Evans who has disappeared in 1979 in Castleblaybey, County Monaghan. The police was about to close the case due to the fact that had not any element or […]

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Tibor Cervenak and the Irish Dream

Tibor Cervenak is coming from Czech Republic and he is an abstract painting artist who had a new lease of life in Belfast, N.Ireland. He started working in a cleaning company and then as a taxi driver in Belfast when Czech Republic joined EU in 2004 and there were working opportunities abroad. When he collected […]

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18-year old boy accused of petrol bombing on Rashakarin Orange

An 18-year-old man has been accused of petrol bombing in County Antrim in the summer, July, 6. Moreover, the accusations are connected to arson and owning and throwing petrol bombs. The boy, whose origins are from Rashakarin, is expected to present at North Antrim Young Court on Tuesday, 26th of October 2010.

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Two deaths on Saturday night in Country Antrim

A 33-year-old mother of three children was killed on Saturday night by her husband. Her body was found by the police at their home. Her husband’s body was found later on and it is believed that he committed suicide after his wife murder. Further investigations are held to figure out the cause of the crime.

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Rapist was set free by mistake

Devidas Paliutis from Lithuania, 27, who was accused of several offences, was released by Prison Service because they did not realize that he was under arrest. Sir Robin Masefield who is the general of Prison Service recognized the mistake and apologized publicly. Great efforts are made in order to track his traces.

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Problems in traffic due to flooding

Heavy rain has caused serious traffic problems in Antrim and Down and many roads are closed. Drivers have been warned to be aware because of many delays and congestion and many motorists are advised to choose an optional way for transfer. Rain is expected to continue for the next seven days and more problems are […]

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