Cut backs on three police bodies

According to the latest official survey conducted, approximately 5,800 frontline officers are going to be out of the bodies the work. This is due to the fact that the government is trying to cut down on the expenses of the police.

However, Her Majesty claims that in case something like that happens people working on this field are going to have cut backs and they will not have the same zest for work, and they will not have the same devotion on what they do.

According to the repost they are going to close down a total of 264 police stations in England and Wales, but in the same time they are going to open public access points such as supermarkets and libraries.

According to the chief inspector, Dennis O’ Connor “There has been a pause because of all the changes at the top of the Met, executive and politically, and the Olympics,” he said. “That combination has paused things. So they’ve got £233m to find. They make up the bulk of the outstanding money to be found nationally.

“The second thing is they have some performance issues. Crime has been bubbling up and down for them and their satisfaction levels are low. So they’ve got limited timescales and a lot to do”.

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