Epidavros, Argos, Nafplio, and Tiryns in the Peloponnese – so much to see, so close together!

In Epidavros you will find ancient ruins and an impressive ancient Greek theater, one of the best preserved ancient theatres in the world! Epidavros is a must-see on any trip through the Peloponnese and during the summer months there are weekend shows at the ancient theater of Epidavros, that attract crowds of thousands of spectators from all around the world. Be sure to check out the Sanctuary of Asklepios in Epidavros as well, an ancient religious site thought to be the rival of such major cult sites as the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia and Apollo at Delphi.
Argos is considered to be the longest continually inhabited town in Europe. It is dotted with ancient ruins of citadels and theaters. An intriguing theory, which may very well be true, is that Argos was the center of the Mycenaean empire which ruled over Greece from 1600 to 1100 BC.

Nafplio, Wikimedia Commons, Attribution: Jeanhousen

The first capital city of modern Greece was Nafplio and even day you can see ruins of its fortress high up on the mountain side, overlooking the town. You can visit the ruins and not only experience history, but also get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning Neo-classical port city below!
Tiryns, the Mycenaean archaeological site in Argolis is also not to be missed by anyone who appreciates history. This is where Heracles is said to have performed his Twelve Labors. Although it is widely considered to date back to the Bronze Age, the hill fort has recorded occupation ranging back seven thousand years before the beginning of the Bronze Age! An ancient legend holds that the massive walls that surround it were built by the Cyclops.


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