Four in 10 adults say ‘too much’ violence on TV


Four in 10 adults say there is too much violence and swearing on British TV, while a third say there is too much sex, according to Ofcom’s latest attitudes to broadcasting survey.

It found one in five adult viewers had been offended by something they had watched on TV in the past year.

Ofcom said older adults were more likely to find there was “too much” sex, violence or bad language.

But younger adults were more likely to feel there was an “acceptable amount”.

Almost half of over-65s said sexually explicit content should never be shown.

Gender divide

The survey found there was also a difference between the views of men and women, with men more likely to say that especially violent content should be freely available on TV after the 21:00 watershed.

Women are more likely to object to sexually explicit material and say that it should only be available on subscription services.

Eight in ten adults felt that TV programmes should be regulated, with nine in ten adults aware of the watershed.

Three out of 10 people questioned felt that programmes had “got worse” over the past 12 months, with too many repeats being given as the most popular reason (57%).

Also cited were lack of variety (43%), general lack of quality (32%) and too many reality shows (30%).

Connected TV (TV hooked up to the internet), has been used by 44% of UK adults in the past 10 months, with catch-up services being the most popular thing to watch this way (34%).

The survey also looked at attitudes to radio programmes, with two-thirds of listeners saying the service they get from local radio stations is important to them.

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