Grumpy billionaires, a macaroon tower and $1,800 to get in – welcome to Naomi Campbell’s birthday party


Though our invitation was inexplicably lost in the post and may have been used with hilarious consequences by an employee of Royal Mail, Lost in Showbiz is pleased to see that Naomi Campbell enjoyed her 45th birthday party, held this week in the understated environs of a £100,000-a-week Cannes castle.

It turns out that with some advance warning we could have made it even without that invitation, as reports claim that actual invitees such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrian Brody were joined by less welcome guests who had each paid up to $1,800 (£1,180) to get in.

Naomi’s people explained that some guests “were invited to make a donation to support her charity, Fashion for Relief, in conjunction with their attendance at the event” – presumably in the same way that mortals are invited to pay for a packet of Quavers in conjunction with walking them out of a shop. Fashion for Relief works alongside the charity Care, which is assisting those coping with the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes and, either way, $1,800 is a small price, surely, to hang out in a building so packed with affluence that you could barely chuck a BlackBerry across the room without hitting a millionaire.

But guess what? Money really doesn’t bring happiness. Check out this quote from an unnamed attendee who deemed it appropriate to share their experiences with the world’s media. “A lot of the billionaires were a bit upset because she didn’t show up until midnight,” they noted. “Everyone else started arriving at 9pm.”

To her credit, Campbell ensured there was entertainment during those harrowing three hours: there were two walls of red roses to look at, for instance, as well as a swimming pool filled with silver baubles which, frankly, strikes Lost in Showbiz as an accident waiting to happen, plus another wall modestly plastered with Naomi’s magazine covers.

When she did arrive, Naomi enjoyed a short set from Mary J Blige, and later Instagrammed a rather shoddy-looking fruit tart decorated with what appears to be squirty cream and three hastily purchased Sainbury’s Local birthday-cake candles. But fear not – that wasn’t the big dessert of the night. Another picture depicts Cambo in close proximity to a towering, macaroon-lined cake, on to which she is triumphantly spraying a magnum of Jacquart. It’s a great image, and one that will no doubt bring much-needed smiles to a few faces over in Nepal.

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