How was your weekend running?

British Olympians run Bupa Westminster Mile

My Facebook feed is full of beautiful photos of race scenery, my Twitter feed this morning is full of race kit pictures for the Bupa 10km, yesterday I spotted several people walking from the tube with Westminster mile medals. I feel a bit jealous, but my weekend was just back to normal: track session Saturday morning, long run Sunday.

In truth, I’m not racing fit anyway – I have a lingering virus that seems to have gone to my chest and left me feeling wheezy. Not ill enough not to run but making me feel like I’m racing even when plodding along at a very sedate pace. And those track reps weren’t a lot of fun. That, I suppose, is the legacy of rather a lot of racing in April and early May.

It means that – aside from the Parkland relays with my club on a glorious sunny Wednesday evening last week – I haven’t really enjoyed that many runs recently. I’m sure that’ll have someone below the line telling me not to do them, then, but I would point to what Steve Way said in the interview I published last Friday – sometimes runs are just a means to an end. You do them because they are part of a longer journey, even when they aren’t much fun. When you put in a lot of miles (though not anything like as many as Steve!) not every single one of them can be fun. And hopefully this week I’ll feel a bit better.

So, racing, preparing to race today or just your usual weekend routine – whatever you got up to this weekend, come and share your thoughts below the line as always. Just don’t tell me not to run …

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