IRA testimony to be given to the US

The police service of Northern Ireland has the secret testimony of one of the bombers of the IRA, who took part in the murder of Jean McConville in 1972.

The woman, who is a suspect of being part of the murder, gave the testimony, which now has been handed to the police. However, in the same time controversy has been raised because the US and Ireland because they ask for confidential archive in order to move on with the trials for the murders committed. This in turn has raised a controversy between the historians and the journalists, who say that this is unreasonable, for the US to ask for access in such an archive.

McConville’s daughter and her husband say that: “How would Americans feel if a college in Oxford or Cambridge had interviewed al-Qaida members about the murder of American citizens or soldiers, and then this institution resisted handing over that intelligence to the US authorities? That is the argument we are making on the American airwaves this week”.

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