John Terry was found not guilty

When John Terry heard the verdict in the Westminster Magistrate Court today, his head was hanged with relief.

In the same time people outside the court started screaming out of joy at hearing that he was found not guilty of the charges.

Terry faced the maximum penalty of paying 2,500 pounds to Anton Ferdinand for calling names on him. His lawyer said, leaving the court, that: “Terry had consistently explained his position to the FA, the police and to the court. He did not racially abuse Mr Ferdinand and the court has accepted this.”

Also, when the judge said, when he said the verdict that: “Weighing all the evidence together, I think it is highly unlikely that Mr Ferdinand accused Mr Terry on the pitch of calling him a black cunt. However I accept that it is possible that Mr Terry believed at the time, and believes now, that such an accusation was made. It is therefore possible that what he said was not intended as an insult, but rather as a challenge to what he believed had been said to him. In those circumstances, there being a doubt, the only verdict the court can record is one of not guilty.”


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