Lakis Lazopoulos European Tour

The Greeks will speak! They will speak, without restraint, for all the things that enrage them and for all the things that are disappearing from their country, their homes and their hearts. The Greeks will speak through the ten characters Lakis Lazopoulos who will take you on a political tour, but without politicians and vote hunting.

Ten characters, some familiar some new, will explain the situation in Greece with humour and truth.

For the non-Greek speaking audience, there will be subtitles.

In 1992 he turned his attention to television, writing and interpreting fifteen character roles (both male and female), in the most successful TV series on Greek television to date, entitled “TEN LITTLE MITSI”. The roles, consisting of everyday characters satirizing contemporary social and political situations, attracted great affinity from the public. His tv-show”Al TsantiriNews” is the most watchedshow in Greece!

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