Levante Ferries

LEVANTE FERRIES LVF LogoLevante Ferries is a new, ambitious and innovative company in the Greek passenger ferry sector comprised by a team of young people.

A strong team of execs of high potential and tremendous experience and expertise on business administration and coordination and on customer service of high quality.


A team which – from its leaders to its newest members – has run an impressive course on coordination and execution of demanding and complicated projects, mainly in the Communication and Information Technology sectors.

A modern team which senses the needs and trends of the market, leverages its high experience in customer service, understands the evolvement of consumers’ behavior regarding the travel sector and at the same time monitors closely the latest technologies and standards; thus being rendered entrepreneurial and constantly up to date.

A unique team which after a comprehensive preparation dares to sail today for its maiden voyage full of zest and excitement, aiming to offer the best sea transport services both to Zakynthos people and to all visitors to Zakynthos coming from all around the world.


The Levante Ferries team does not linger; instead it is always in the frontline of new developments and of the ‘next day’ in the shipping sector, with a structured and well-organized strategy for growth and development.

At present, Levante Ferries trades in the Ionian Sea, committed – and already proving it – to serve all passengers in the most consummate and advanced way.

Levante Ferries’ vision is to render the Ionian Sea transports an archetype and a benchmark of high quality services in Greece and throughout the world!




More info at: www.levanteferries.com





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