Murray is very famous outside Scotland as well

According to statistics, Murray is very famous in the world.

Despite the accusation of some people that he broke England into two after winning the game in Wimbledon, twitter says that most likes came from outside of Scotland. Fedrere comes first in tweets with 2.7 million and then from the fourth position we meet Murray with one million tweets.

Mick Desmond who is the commercial director of the All England Club commented on the case and said that: “The way fans are engaging with Wimbledon has changed over the past few years – particularly in terms of using social media to enhance their experience.  Fans now expect more and are hungry for information and statistics to analyse players’ performances.  By working with IBM, we’ve been able to meet these needs, and are looking at what fans will need in the next decade to ensure that we can continue to devise new ways to enrich their Wimbledon experience.”

After this game, however, people understood that in sports there is nothing more than the noble ideas of sport, and hostilities have nothing to do with it.

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