Nammos Restaurant Psarou Beach

nammos-mykonosFor more than ten years now, Nammos Restaurant has been one of the top beach dining establishments in Europe. It’s not a matter of luck that our cuisine has been praised by food critics from all over the world. With an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine made from the best ingredients, fresh fish and vegetables from local gardens, along with a wine list containing labels from both Greek and international vineyards, we guarantee to delight even the most discerning palates.


One of the hottest places in Mykonos is undoubtedly in Nammos Restaurant, a beachside establishment on one of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos Island. With is seaside location on Psarou beach, it’s formal dining lounge of five-star elegance, its tables on the sand beach club and terraced sunset views, Nammos is a draw for the celebrities and glitterati of the Mykonos scene. This part of the island is less windy, the water is gloriously clear and the people watching at this little VIP beach is brilliant.




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