Relationships between teacher and students

Even though it is not socially acceptable, there are many cases when female teachers or professors have picked students up at school. But which are the reasons which drive a teacher to fall in love with their student? One reason is this, after a certain age, 40 or more years old, women feel a gradual loss of confidence and a relationship with a much younger guy or teenager help them feel again young and desirable. Secondly, being a teacher implies that they have a sort of authority on their students and this by itself it extremely stimulating for them. There are confessions of female teacher who was trying to approach her 15-year-old student telling him “I want to be your first sexual partner, I want to ‘teach’ you many erotic tricks”. The ultimate purpose of this is, most of times, the mutual boost of confidence. However, there are some rare cases that there are real feelings.

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