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Roussas Dairy S.A. is build upon a long history of skill and mastery that can be traced back to the family’s nomadic Sarakatsani ancestors, who roamed the mountains of Thessaly, Macedonia and Epirus, grazing their flocks of sheep and goats. In 1952, Roussas family practices were formally incorporated as a family owned business and the dairy remained solely dedicated to the feta cheese production ever since.

The company premises are located in Almyros, an area of central Greece, in a modern, state of the art production plant.   Its capacity, is over 10,000 tons of cheese on an annual basis and its processing capacity for sheep’s milk is 80,000 litres per shift. The family, however, views the factory as a means of enhancing the traditional methods. They wish never to compromise the high calibre of cheese for which they are globally recognized.

Product range includes feta cheese (protected designation of origin), organic feta p.d.o., barrel aged feta p.d.o., goat cheese, organic goat cheese, manouri p.d.o., strained sheep’s milk yoghurt, galotyri p.d.o., anthotyro, myzithra, feta spread, kasseri p.d.o., graviera, kefalotyri, etc.
All products are made exclusively from pasteurized sheep and goat milk, mainly coming from the surrounding Central Greece mountainous areas.   Roussas Dairy is not only the pioneer of organic feta production in Greece, as well as the leader producer, but also the main producer of portioned feta traditionally matured in beech tree barrels.

By achieving outstanding results, the company was included in 2014 amongst the 300 most profitable Greek businesses while today ranks within the top five Greek cheese enterprises with global market reach and exports totaling up to 95 % of its annual production, to USA, Canada , Europe, Africa , Asia , Australia , Middle and Far East.

The Feta cheese produced by Roussas Dairy S.A. is widely acknowledged as well as multi awarded for its outstanding quality and marketed under the name «Roussas» ( Europe , Middle East ) or with the trademark ” Mt Vikos» ( USA , Canada) and «Mt. Athos »( Australia , Asia ) &« Terra Aeolica »( Europe , Australia ).


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