Sarkozy is being investigated for the L’oreal scandal

The mansion Carla Bruni and Nicola Sarcozy is being investigated by detectives for proof after the scandal of L’oreal and the illegal money given to the former president of France for the elections.

The police also conducted survey to the office of Mr Sarcozy and firm in which he is a partner after the loss of the elections and the win of Francoise Hollande. Of course this survey should have been done earlier but could not happen due to Mr Sarcozy’s judicial immunity. Badly for him, however, this ended in June the 16th when Mr Hollande won the elections.

Mr Sarcozy is not in France right now, since he decided to fly for his chalet in Canada along with his wife Carla Bruni her 11 year old son and their new baby.

The investigation is conducted so that the police can find out where the 800,000 euro went according to the allegations of the heir of L’oreal.

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