The Greek soap and its long path through the decades

The company Arkadi is committed to production of natural green and white soap in the traditional way since 1946. Today, we offer a range of natural soap and pure cleanliness in any modern Greek household.

The family Malikouti has very deep roots in Crete, which reach up to 1700. Nicholas Malikoutis, chieftain eastern provinces of Rethymno, was historic and heroic figure of the island and is mentioned by the historian Psyllaki. The engraving is exposed to the Historical Museum of Heraklion and Athens Historical Museum (Old Parliament) and saved polystichous Cretan poem dedicated to the heroics and martyrdom through the city of Heraklion, the name given to streets and squares. and cooperate and pronounce after bidding gifts from the company Arkadi. They give the opportunity to 20 lucky readers to gain of 1 liquid detergent for the washing machine, 1 softener for laundry, 1 sack ARKADI traditional and one white soap ARKADI. To enter the competition send name and the word Arkadi at

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