The imprisoned wife of the former minister of defense talks behind the bars

After having filed for a release in order to have the chance to prove her innocence and of course go to the side of her five year old child, Vicky Stamati talks for the first time after her imprisonment in April to our reporter Orestis Karipis. All this time she has tried to convince everyone of her innocence but until now nothing has changed for her. Rumors say these days that she has filed for divorce due to the fact that her name has been traduced after the revelation of her husband’s illegal action in the ministry of defense.



Q1: To begin with, Mrs Stamati I would like to thank you for the interview we are having. You have been imprisoned for a couple of months now, and after your treatment in the hospital due to your hunger strike you came back here. How is your condition for the time being?

V.S.: The hunger strike was not a ‘procedural trick’ of a ‘political prisoner’, but a scream of despair in an unreasonable imprisonment of a decision which implies ‘eyes and mouths wide shut’ or else you can commit suicide in the prison freely.

However the hunger strike has led me to the hospital but worse still, I live on the boundaries of the psycho-physical sanity. I am completely weak and I lack the ability of normal communication something that makes me act between sane and insane. In other words I am dead inside, mentally, physically, and I only survive due to medication.

Q2: In the past you sent a letter on which you were talking about a crucifixion of yours due to the elections, now that the elections are over do you believe that the judges will be less harsh on you and your release is going to become a reality?

V.S.: According to our ancient greek culture Justice is sacred and a notion that is tied up to clemency, just like the prophet Isaia puts it, but in my case Justice went blind and deaf and decided to follow the orders of those that are in the political scene because of the elections. However, this is obvious because every aspect of justice and legitimacy is lost, and my scream about my child was overheard.

In the end the political and party nomenclature prevailed and now here I am paying for the meta-political party actions, and in this way I became the ideal victim of the TV democracy and the cannibals around it.

Q3: Nowadays there people talking about your lifestyle and the way you and your husband decided to spend your money. What do you have to say about it?

V.S.: This is crazy, the way me and my husband used to live was not at all different from the way a family with some kind of economical strength used to live. You can check the way former prime ministers and ministers used to live before the IMF came here. If these people are innocent then I promise that I will accept any kind of punishment the court will put on me.

Q4: I do not have a child myself but I would like to know how a mother feelsa about her son after being imprisoned?

V.S.: My child suffers from serious psychological damage and the papers from the doctors can prove it. My child is all alone with my overaged parents and this is not good for him. We may be away from him but my mind, my love, my aura is with him. We may be away and have huge grey walls between us but I am always with him.

Q5: Do you believe that the accusations are going to be proven wrong?Do you believe that  you are going to be free in the next few days?

V.S.: I believe that the reason that I am imprisoned for is completely outrageous and that if I am going to be free everyone will see it clearly that it was my fault. If not then they are taking the responsibility of a suicide in the prison and nothing more.

For me I plea not guilty and I have every right to express it and believe in my innocence.

Her lawyer Mr Vasilis Heirdaris said that “In Mrs Stamatis’s case the greek justice has reacted under an unprecedented austerity, complete lack of clemency and of course by breaking the basic principal of proportionality. Mrs Stamati has never been accused of anything and has not been dragged down to police departments, she is just the mother of a five year old child whose father (former defense minister Akis Tsoxatzopoulos) is in prison. The greek police along with the judges have imprisoned her without having applied the law, whatsoever. She is also kept in prison illegaly, having her only child abandoned, without the love and care of his father and mother. However, the worst part is the fact that she is kept in prison because according to the council of judges, the reason for her imprisonment is far more important than her duty as a mother. Something, that is completely outrageous and is the first time to meet someone something like this.

This situation has led my client to have psychological problems and we have asked for a psychotherapist to check on her and her stability as a person. No matter what, we are going to file for release to the Investigator by the end of July, due to her mental and health condition but also due to her child’s condition, who appears to have many problems. We hope that the judges are going to show some clemency to a woman who is not guilty altogether and a mother who has a five year old son alone out ther”.

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