Versace show in Paris

It is only a week since the Versace show in Paris and everyone still talks about it.

The Versace aesthetic was there and surprised everyone for one more time. The gowns made by the top quality fabrics made the models to look like they were from out of this world. The Versace company is aware of the fact that not every woman in this world can wear these dresses, because the sizes are very small, but still they keep being fascinated to every woman.

The show took place in Paris in the Ritz hotel, were Donatella saw her brother for the last time two days before his murder. She said that it is a way for her to fight her demons.

The Versace company surprised everyone in this show since it was something that had not happen for eight years now, and people thought that the economical crisis would kill the company. According to the CEO of the company Mr. Ferraris, the company lost 21,7 million last year.

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