Acrotel Athena Pallas


If you’re not yet familiar with Halkidiki, the trident-shaped peninsula in the northern Aegean, you are in for an unbelievable treat! With all the stunning beauty of the Greek islands, but without the crowds and completely unspoiled, this is a location for living the dream as it was meant to be. Let the grey-eyed goddess of wisdom, Pallas Athena, take you by the hand and show you her own magical place and its crowning glory, Athena Pallas.

Pallas Athena, the goddess of wisdom, was not mistaken when she picked the location of Sithonia for this palace of delights. Here, she can show off all that’s best in Greece, including the clever craftsmanship that makes Athena Pallas a perfect field of dreams. After all, not for nothing is she the goddess of arts and crafts as well!

In the double or superior rooms, or Armonia Suites, you see this dedication to craft and the art of relaxation. Beautiful materials, lovely views of the gardens, warm colours and handcrafted glass and metal come together to form a haven of comfort.

Let the clever goddess accompany your children as they are introduced to the three freshwater pools where they can splash and play, the playground and kids club, bowling lanes, foosball and billiards, an internet room, and fully equipped cinema. In her wisdom, she knows that you need for them to be happy so you can indulge in the spa services and treatments, tennis or gym, or just lounge by the pool with peace of mind.

Let us guide you in the history of the Greek Gastronomy!

At our restaurants you will have the opportunity to taste traditional Greek recipes, as well as brushstrokes of Mediterranean cuisine. In our Ancient Greek tavern, Dionisos, Athena Pallas guests will experience flavours and aromas that will transport them to Ancient Greece. Through a historic flashback, guests will find themselves at the mystagogic Herion space. Our suggested dishes are derived from Byzantine cuisine, featuring ingredients such as fresh fish and olive oil which are then infused with contemporary ingredients such as basil, nutmeg and lemon.

The thematic Cook & Eat area, with characteristics from the 50s, gives guests the opportunity to actively participate in Greek cuisine lessons and experiment with tastes under the supervision of our Chef.

The a la carte restaurant Lemoni, introduces us to the modern Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with dishes based on fresh fish, meat and vegetables.

Our alternative Bar Restaurant, ETHNIK, offers a culinary journey through different cultures with summer cocktails and high quality drinks, all enjoyed under the beautiful moonlight.

Finally, for any meze lovers, our main restaurant, Doxato, offers a great selection of international, Mediterranean and Greek dishes in a sophisticated buffet style. Last but not least, kindly be advised that Doxato restaurant has proudly been certified with the Greek Breakfast certification as the vast majority of products offered in breakfast are pure, traditional Greek products.

At the Athena Pallas, your holiday will be truly divine.

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