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Nepal quake: Schools in affected areas start to re-open

Thousands of schools damaged during April’s devastating earthquake in Nepal have begun to re-open. More than 25,000 classrooms in some 8,000 schools were destroyed in the 7.8 magnitude quake and its aftershocks, and more than 8,000 people died. Many have only been rebuilt on a temporary basis using materials such as bamboo, wood and tarpaulin. […]

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Malaysia exhumes suspected migrant remains from graves

Malaysia has begun exhuming bodies suspected to be migrants buried in mass grave sites found by the Thai border. Authorities believe migrants were held for ransom in jungle camps, and those who died were buried in 139 graves. Thousands of migrants have left Myanmar and Bangladesh in recent weeks on boats and overland through Thailand […]

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Malaysia finds ‘migrant’ mass graves near Thai border

Several mass graves thought to contain bodies of migrants have been found in Malaysia, authorities say. Home Minister Zahid Hamidi was quoted by Malayia’s Star newspaper as saying the graves were found in 17 abandoned trafficking camps near the Thai border. He did not know how many bodies had been recovered. Several mass graves have […]

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Zimbabwe cricketers in Pakistan for first tour since 2009

Zimbabwe’s cricket team is in Pakistan, the first Test-playing nation to visit the country in six years. Thousands of security personnel were deployed as the team were taken from Lahore airport to a city hotel. Pakistan has hosted no top-level international cricket since Sri Lanka’s team bus was attacked by gunmen in Lahore in 2009. […]

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Afghan police jailed over Farkhunda mob killing

Eleven Afghan policemen have been sentenced to one year in prison for failing to protect a woman killed by a mob in the capital Kabul in March. The 28-year-old woman called Farkhunda was beaten to death after being accused of burning a copy of the Koran, although witnesses say she did not. Earlier this month […]

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‘Standing man’ inspires silent demonstration in Turkey

A single man stood silently in Istanbul’s Taksim Square for hours Monday night, defying police who broke up weekend anti-government protests with tear gas and water cannon and drawing hundreds of others to his vigil. For more than five hours, he appeared to stare at a portrait of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the modern […]

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The newly born panda in Tokyo zoo was found dead

The panda that was born for the first time after 24 years was found dead on his mother’s belly early today. The young panda was born last week, after approximately two and a half decades of not having to zoo the chance to have  a newly born one. The little panda was born by mother […]

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Egypt’s government in going to gather despite military warning

The parliament’s speaker Saad al-Katatni has invited the members of the lower house to meet, while the highest court decided that the lower house was unconstitutional. The announcement said that: “All the rulings and decisions of the Supreme Constitutional Court are final and not subject to appeal … and are binding for all state institutions”. […]

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Kofi Annan to meet Bashar al-Assad

The secretary of the UN Kofi Annan is going to meet president Bashar al-Assad in Damascus in order to talk about the six point plan that the secretary has presented in terms of the situation in Syria and the death of thousands of people. Despite the ceasefire that was decided people continue to be killed […]

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Bashar al-Assad feels sorry about bringing down the turkish plane

The president of Syria Bashar al- Assad expressed his regret on bringing down the Turkish plane on the north borders of the country, according to the turkish newspaper Cumhuriet. Bashar al-Assad appeared to say that, “We learned that it (the plane) belonged to Turkey after shooting it down. I say 100 percent ‘if only we […]

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