It all started with the alluring scent of freshly baked pistachios in the oven on festive days, the popping sound of breaking the pistachio shell and the vibrant colors of the kernels. NUTS ‘N NUTS offers premium quality nuts since 2014.

The family tradition in pistachio cultivation runs back to our grandfather who used to own and cultivate the estates in the area of Markopoulo Mesogaias for over 60 years.


However, while continuing our family tradition we follow a modern business approach that redefines Greek nuts’ aesthetic and quality. We always show great commitment to transparency for the consumer and respect for nature and the environment.

Greek land has a rich gastronomic heritage. Hot and dry summers, offer an ideal climate for the growth of nuts; giving our products high quality and unique taste. Our premium packaging keeps the traditional natural colorings while exceeding current global standards.

We present a range of Premium quality products in the market including pistachios, alomds, nut mixes and dried fruit. Our products are winners of the British Great Taste Awards.

Our overall goal is to promote Greek dried fruits and Greek gastronomy worldwide.

The final idea….to let us all taste the authentic fruits of Greece and the scents of nature….




Fill your info to the form below until 25/12/2019 and 20 of you will win 3 packs of nuts (Spicy Mix, Natural Mix, Black Corinthian Currant). Good luck everyone!

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