Homatino Ceramics: When making something with our hands, we connect to others

We are Efcharis and Nikos, the creators behind Homatino Ceramics Workshop. A workshop that got its name from the etymology of the word ‘homatino’ which means made of fine-grained earth (soil) or clay. We chose this name bearing in mind who we really are. A local workshop which chooses to remain true to tradition, crafting ceramic objects, modernizing, protecting and promoting the work of the family business, with respect.

Inspired by clay, a simple raw material, using traditional techniques of the past, however, influenced by the contemporary way of life, we mould by hand, ceramic moulds and shapes which aim to be apart of our lives for the following years.

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Fill your info to the form below until 2/2/2021 and one of you will win a gift box of 13 homatino ceramics handmade products (pic).

Good luck everyone!

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